“Disconnect to connect” Darkness Descending by Ken Jones

Things to do in winter

Walk the dog!

Things to do in Autumn

Go Bivvey! Make some tools

Walking in the woods

Went for a walk on a beautiful autumnal the light was just fantastic. Found some interesting bits.

A bit of log work

Just a great day for some chainsaw work.

The Pavilion at night

The Start of my year journal

As I start the years journal I aim to just document the seasons and the events in them. Today Es and I went Sloe and Blackberry picking . Sloes are for Christmas Gin and Blackberrys are for Esy’s tummy! A beautifully sunny late September day

Workflow workshop

Going to start a series of workflow type stuff next week so hoping to get this list out and then run weekly sessions for these workshops. I intend to add some simple graphic cheat sheet helpers too more later…..

Lancing College IPad Vision Planning

photo credit: devinish Yesterday I attended the Lancing College and Transcom event on IPad. Thanks to Apple ADE’s Oscar Stringer and David Kirtlan for their hands on sessions on various apps and workflows. They introduced to the audience many apps which I already use and I shall review some of them here over the coming […]

Video test

Just a test Your browser does not support the video tag

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